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One Pot Spicy Chili Con Carne

Happy New Year W + A readers! Twenty fifteen was a great one, but I am happy to embrace the new year with new spirits and a new attitude. I always think of a handful of resolutions to work up to each year, but this year is definitely dedicated to achieving goals and starting new ventures that are challenging and exciting. I like to believe I am pretty darn good in the kitchen and I love coming up with new recipes to cook for me and the hubby every night. Luckily, John is a big leftovers guy, but me on the other hand, not so much. Each Sunday I've been taking the afternoon to food plan for the week, jotting down meals to prepare for the work week and also threw in some personal goals as well. Some recipes I've been coming up with are new and the rest are our easy go-to staples, but this year I am ready to try some new things in the kitchen! We enjoy cooking healthy dishes, but we are always up for a bit of indulgence at least one day a week (typically we leave that day for a we…