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Lemon Chicken With Cherry Tomatoes

Monday came back around pretty quickly, but we had such a nice weekend filled with dinner with friends on Friday, shopping all day Saturday and heading to our favorite diner and then enjoyed a lovely Palm Sunday dinner at my family's. Today was back to the grind and I was in such a weird eating mood this morning. I started my day off with a sliced apple topped with some peanut butter and dry roasted peanuts. I was in the mood for something satisfying and that had the perfect crunch to it. For my mid-afternoon pick me up I made a peaches and cream shake using my vanilla Shakeology. It was so yummy and I tossed in a cup of frozen peaches and water and blended away. I still favor the chocolate the most and I think its because it satisfies my chocolate cravings. I haven't tried the strawberry yet, but I will make sure to let you guys know how it is. I hung out with this guy below for most of the day, Mr. Moo Moo! I just can't take that little face. He was trying to get in on s…

Springin' Into Saturday

Well its another snowy Saturday here on the Island. Can you believe it? Almost the first of April and the snow continues to fall. It didn't stop us from getting up this morning and heading to the Roosevelt Field mall for some shopping. John needed new running sneakers and I needed, well nothing, but of course I shopped away. After we did some damage, we hit up the local village market and our favorite pork store for a few odds and ends we needed for the week. As you can tell from my lack of foodie posts, I haven't cooked in a few days. Thursday night I was by my parent's house since I had worked from the office and last night we had dinner out with friends (which was some yummy scallops, mmm). Tonight we plan on grabbing something quick and easy for dinner and tomorrow we are having Palm Sunday by my parents. Its been nice to have a little break from cooking, but I will admit, its a bit tricky to eat out healthy although we did a pretty decent job. Lots of water with lemon…

21 Day Flank Steak Stir Fry

Happy Wednesday, friends. I am ready for a nice chill weekend ahead. We have dinner plans Friday night with friends and heading to my parent's house for Palm Sunday dinner. I watered my orchid again today and she seems to be doing pretty well (all petals still in tact!) I have her hanging out by the window sill and so far so good. I can't wait for it to get warmer out so we can plant some mason jar herbs on the porch again this year. I am thinking of trying some mint and dill this time around in addition to our basil and thyme. I started my day off making another banana nutter Shakeology and it really hit the spot. It kept me full all the way through 1 p.m. I think I will be having the same tomorrow since I will be heading into the office. Its a great to-go breakfast option. For lunch I was inspired by my friend Michelle's mason jar salads that she has been eating all week. So last night I prepped all of my veggies, chopped up some baby spinach and boiled whole wheat pasta…

Apple & Onion Sweet Chops

Oh my gosh guys, I think I have a problem. Do any of you food shop and stock your fridge so often that you forget about things that you've bought? Well that happened to me today. I know some people have this issue with having clothes in their closet with tags still on them (I have that one too), but we literally can open our own fruit and vegetable stand with all of the produce we have in the fridge. Its kind of fun because it forces you to come up with different ways to use them in your meals. I knew tonight I was going to attempt the 21DF sweet chops recipe I came across last night, but I knew I wanted to make it as hearty and satisfying as possible. I had bought a head of cauliflower this weekend and had two bunches of asparagus, so I figured I'd roast up the asparagus and think of something different to do with my cauliflower. I thought of what I would typically love with my pork chops and aside from apple sauce I instantly thought of mashed potatoes. Good ol' American…

Day One Of 21 Day Fix

Monday has come and gone once again, and its day one of my 21 day fix. Today's cardio work out was a tough one and seriously kicked my butt, but I must cardio on! For those of you who know me well shopping is a good enough cardio for me ;) so getting my workout done midday and having the rest of the evening to veg out works out really well with my schedule. Once John is getting home from work and heading to the gym, I have already worked out and can start on dinner for us. Today's breakfast and lunch were kept simple with Greek yogurt and strawberries and for lunch I prepped myself some turkey roll ups, cut up broccoli and hummus to dip—kind of random but it was exactly what I was craving. And for a midday snack I decided to try a vanilla Shakeology and made my own nutty mix combining a cup of almond milk and a teaspoon of almond butter. I added some ice and threw it all in the Nurtibullet for a thicker consistency. It was so yummy and was just what I needed for when my 3 p.m.…

Asian Beef Stir Fry

Today is a pretty lazy Saturday at the house. I started the morning off making John an egg sandwich and us doing a few loads of laundry, well, John mostly did them. My 21-day fix came yesterday, so I made a shopping list and got everything I will need to keep on track. $110 later, I think I am well equipped for at least two weeks worth of healthy eats. Last night we ended up staying in due to the snow and broke out the wok for some Asian beef stir fry. We had a package of skirt steak we bought last week and since it was too cold for grilling our stir fry was the perfect alternative. Here's what you'll need.

Ingredients: Homemade Asian Sauce:  1/2 cup tamari (or low-sodium soy sauce) 5 tablespoons brown sugar 6 garlic cloves, minced 1/2 teaspoon ginger 2 teaspoons rice vinegar 
Beef:  10 oz snow peas small can of water chestnuts  4 tablespoons olive oil 10 oz mushrooms, sliced thinly 1 pound beef, thinly sliced (skirt steak, sirloin steak strips or any other steak)


Friday Food Shop Frenzy

TGIF W+A readers! Friday has arrived and its snowing outside on the first day of spring. Normal here in New York since our winter has been pretty brutal this year. Before the snow started, I made a trip to the grocery store early this morning for some things we needed to stock up on. I'll probably be heading back tomorrow to complete my shopping for everything I will need for my 21-day fix, which was delivered one day early, yay Fedex! I kicked off my gloomy Friday morning with a hot cup of coffee and admiring my gorgeous orchid. I always love an orchid in the house, but they are so tricky to maintain. At least by week 3 or 4 my petals fall off and all I'm left with are leaves and branches. I heard you shouldn't water too often and that letting an ice cube slowly melt does the trick, but I decided to use a 1/2 cup of water every week or so. Hopefully she stays pretty and vibrant for a little bit longer.

While shopping in our local grocery store this past weekend we decide…

Spicy Chicken Burgers & Baked Fries

Happy St. Joseph's day and almost Friday friends! The weekend is so close and I couldn't be more excited minus the chance of some snow tomorrow. The first day of spring and a snow prediction on the way—are the weather gods playing tricks on us? I started off my morning finally finishing up the last of Sunday's brunch treats from this passed weekend. I made some hazelnut coffee and slowly savored the last piece of my friend Meg's homemade blueberry buckle. It is by far one of my favorite sweets that she makes and I can't wait to try the recipe on my very own.

John surprised me last night with some St. Joseph's pastries and I couldn't have been more excited. My mom typically gets a dozen or so from one of our favorite bakeries in the Bronx, but since I no longer reside with the Parisis, John figured he'd bring the Bronx to Long Island! They were so damn good and I definitely favored the cannoli cream filled puff

Like my spring inspired plates? I seriousl…