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Tru Fru Coconut Melts: Our New Obsession

When we get the chance to share a new find with our followers we always get super excited! Especially when it's all the indulgence without the guilt. The new Tru Fru are immersed in so much goodness we had to share. The best thing is, all of Tru Fru's products are sourced from the freshest ingredients, consisting of 100% real fruit and premium dark chocolate. No additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, not just making them delicious, but good for you too. A win/win in our book!

These treats are are freeze dried fresh and encased in delicious dark chocolate. Tru Fru offers a variety of products, like their Coconut Melts, Raspberries, Cherries, Strawberries, Banana and Cranberries, so many options to pick from depending on what you like! We absolutely love the Coconut Melts. Creamy and coconutty on the inside with a rich, thick outer covering of dark chocolate goodness, and let us say they were a perfect amount per serving! 

Best of all is they are available at a nu…