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John Turns 30 + Truffle Burgers

Good afternoon W+A readers. Its a gorgeous sunny day outside and I hope you all are enjoying it. Today is John's big 30th birthday, so we got up early grabbed some Starbucks coffee as a treat and ran errands for most of the afternoon. Tonight I am taking him out for a yummy dinner and I can't wait! :) Today marks 21 days since I started my 21 day fix and I am excited to report I am down over 5 pounds! Even with the holiday falling during the fix, I stayed on track and consecutively lost weight each week, yay! I plan to do another round of 3 weeks starting tomorrow. So 21 day fix round two here I come! Its been such a great feeling to lose the weight and inches I've wanted and get on a healthy track for the spring and summer, and I plan to continue the habits I've picked up these past 3 weeks. I ordered another round of Shakeology packets. They have really been an anchor with helping stay on plan and I am excited to keep on incorporating them into my daily meals. This week I plan to challenge myself to tackling my workouts first thing in the morning. Get er' done. Last week John was on spring break, so I figured I'd be the great wifey that I am and make us some diesel breakfasts. One morning was cinnamon raisin French toast. I made sure to use agave instead of maple syrup and cooking spray instead of butter. Sadly two small pieces of bread used up all of my carbs for the day, so I made sure to load up on lots of protein and veggies for the rest of the day to keep me fueled.

We recently bought a stove top griddle for the kitchen and since it was rainy on the Island for most of the week we decided to try out some burgers on it. I recommend everyone to have one of these handy in their kitchens. It was originally $50 at Macy's, but we bought it during their big sale for $19. What a steal! John got the burger press out and did his thing and even tossed in a few drops of truffled balsamic vinegar, holy yum. We chopped up an onion and also threw it on the griddle. We sprayed the top with some nonstick spray and cooked the burgers for about 10 minutes on each side, flipping once through. They came out perfect. We topped the patties with some light lacey swiss cheese and part skim cheddar. John made a mixed green salad with a few sweet grape tomatoes and olives and we plopped our burgers right on top. No bun needed here. The chop meat was hand mixed with 1 large egg, a tbsp of grated cheese, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Pretty simple.

I'm happy to hear the rest of the week will be in the mid to high 60's, which is like a heat wave for us New Yorkers. Time to embrace our warm weather clothing and pack away our winter coats. Tonight we are looking forward to a fun night out. I haven't entered my 30s yet, but I'll be there soon. I'm happy to report that thus far, my 20s have been some of the best years of my life, but I'm pretty damn excited to see what our 30s have in store for us too. Hopefully lots of traveling, good health and tons of great memories with family and friends. But tonight, we shall eat, drink and turn 30! Happy birthday to my whiskey loving, fun-hearted, handsome as hell husband. To 30 and beyond more happy birthdays with you. Love ya, now lets celebrate, boo.



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