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Cozy Weekend Finds

Happy almost Monday, readers. This weekend flew by way too fast, but only a few more days until Halloween! We are heading to our friends house for a Halloween party and I am pretty excited for us to dress up. John and I have never done a couple's costume before, and I think we nailed this Halloween's ;)

We spent most of the weekend picking up some new home goods and headed into the city to review a new restaurant that opened on the Upper West Side called Tessa. It was absolutely delicious! I figured I'd rock some fall stripes, overalls and a red lip. This is definitely one of my favorite seasons for fashion and makeup. Sweaters, scarves long sleeves, boots and makeup shades in reds, berries, browns, wines, and every other rich, deep shade! I haven't gotten my hair done in months, but I am kinda feeling this color that evolved on its own. Sort of ombre-esque.

We headed to the outlets and hit up West Elm, William Sonoma and Pottery Barn. We weren't looking for anything in particular but every now and then we like to revamp our rooms. We bought these bronzed industrial lanterns to put on our shelf by the entrance way from West Elm. They gave the space a little height and I'm hoping down the line to re use them and hang them some place, but for now they serve their purpose.

We bought this huge cheese board from Pottery Barn, but decided to use it as a centerpiece on our coffee table. We love entertaining and plan to use it for wine and cheese nights when friends are over. It can also double as a pizza board too!

Of course we stocked up on our favorite Bath & Body Works candles during their fire sale. Its safe to say we are all set through the holidays. I'm pretty excited to burn these scents: marshmallow fireside, maple sugar brittle, autumn spiced wreath and brown sugar and all spice.

Today we stopped by an open house to take a peek at a house, which was lots of fun. We love popping into homes and getting ideas for what is a definite want and what's not so important for a future home. And its always fun dropping in and seeing other people's decor ;) Afterwards we made a pit stop at HomeGoods and did a quick once around. They were packed with Halloween and Christmas decor which was a bit overwhelming, but I was on a mission for a new candle holder. This one was my favorite and can definitely be used to hold flowers and other decor in the future. I also snagged these Indian sandstone coasters. I was in need of a little glitz and glam.

I've done some meal planning for the week and plan to use whatever we have in the fridge. Tomorrow we are headed to dinner at my brother's which will be a nice break from cooking, but Tuesday I plan to make Greek chicken burgers and Wednesday slow cooker chili. The crockpot has been my friend this past month for sure! Well, I hope you all have a lovely end to your weekend. I should be posting some new recipes this week, until then, friends xo


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