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ThankFULL Turkey Day

Happy post Thanksgiving lovely readers! I hope you all had an enjoyable turkey day filled with family, food and lots of relaxing. Our Thanksgiving was perfect. We spent the day at my parent's hanging with family, eating our favorite foods (all made by Mama P. herself) and watching the football games. There are so many tasty sides that accompany Thanksgiving Day turkey and my favorite is my mom's homemade stuffing (sausage and all). It's originally my grandmother's recipe and my mom nailed it. Some other favorite sides are stuffed mushrooms, sweet potato casserole and mom's homemade cranberry sauce. Mmm MM mmm.

John and I contributed to the day's meal with a baked brie filled with honey, apricot preserve, slivered almonds and brown sugar (it was a hit!) and John whipped up a round of our favorite hot toddies. This year we found Apple Pie whiskey that made this warm indulgence the perfect sweet treat beverage. I think we got everyone a little tipsy by the end of dessert ;)

Everyone was thankful this year, including my hair salon who gave away homemade pies from a local pastry shop. I chose this beauty, sweet potato mashmallow, which was unbelievable!

I will admit, John and I finished up all of our leftovers in order to make sure we kick off the week on the right foot. Its time for some post turkey day detoxing. I don't think I have ate that many carbs in quite some time, no regrets though :)

Today we food shopped, did some last minute Christmas shopping and met some friends for an early viewing of Creed. It was awesome! Tonight I decided to do my Sunday night dinner food planning and here is what I have on for the week:

Lightened up chicken milanese with roasted cherry tomatoes, salad and Italian dressing

Spaghetti squash with meat ragu and a side salad

Grilled skirt steak with baked zucchini tots

Eating out

Ground chicken sausage with sauteed broccoli rabe and gluten free penne

Well, back to work tomorrow after an awesome 5-day weekend. It was a nice break to hang with family and friends and get our Christmas shopping done. The only person I have left to shop for is John. Happy Monday and I will be back posting some dinner recipes from this week. xo


  1. You are so good planning out your meals! Can't wait to see that skirt stake


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